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Strategic media marketing

RooneyPartners cultivates and maintains unparalleled relationships with the national and international business and financial press as well as with key U.S. and international trade publications and regional and local media outlets.

We develop and execute multi-tiered media relations campaigns that are tailored to our clients’ business needs and communications objectives. Each program is animated by expert storytelling, fully integrated across multiple channels and formats, and crafted to convert positive coverage and deliver tangible earned media results. 

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Our strategic media relations programs include message development, personalized outreach and marketing to a carefully curated set of journalists and editors, thought leadership and bylined article development, press events, and monitoring and analysis of media coverage.

PR campaigns tailored to your needs

RooneyPartners deploys an effective, relationship-driven approach to the practice of media relations. Our PR campaigns are designed to drive high-impact results that translate into tangible business value — across print and digital media, broadcast and online video, radio and podcasts, and the wire services.

Story Development

We generate compelling storylines that integrate client messages while meeting the editorial standards of target media outlets.

Media Marketing

We leverage our longstanding media relationships to educate journalists and engender interest in client storylines and profiles.

Thought Leadership

We develop bylined article opportunities that package a compelling issue or topic-driven thesis and underscore an organization’s value proposition.

Investor Engagement

We develop campaigns that reach and influence the investment community, providing support for equity valuation, M&A transactions, capital raises and other transactions.

Media Training

We provide target training and support to ensure that client spokespeople are well-informed, comfortable and media-ready.

Crisis Communications

We protect client reputations proactively, and support boards and management in the midst of a crisis with risk response communications.

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