Orion Engineered Carbons

A premium, publicly-traded supplier of specialty and rubber Carbon Blacks with a commitment to responsible business practices and a focus on team culture, reliability and sustainability.

Engineering an Integrated Investor Communications Program

Orion Engineered Carbons (NYSE: OEC), a Luxembourg-domiciled company that reports in euros and trades on the New York Stock Exchange, is one of the world’s leading suppliers and innovators of Carbon Black, which enhances the physical, electrical and optical properties of a wide variety of products, from car tires to batteries.

In 2016, RooneyPartners was engaged to create an integrated investor communications campaign leveraging media relations, search, and social media to simplify the company’s complex investment story and highlight the investment thesis for the common shares.


RooneyPartners marketed key corporate innovation, management, leadership, and investment thesis storylines to major media outlets, generating a series of major profiles and executive interviews in the top-tier financial media during the 12-month campaign. Collectively, these successful media outcomes helped differentiate Orion as the innovator in a market dominated by a handful of global players, and provided crucial air time for management to articulate the vision and growth strategy in an authentic way. 

Our digital strategy leveraged both earned and paid social media and search to strategically amplify key financial messages and metrics into the newsfeeds of prospective investors in a series of short-duration campaigns tied to quarterly earnings announcements. Collectively, these campaigns reached more than 900,000 people.

We also worked extensively with the Orion team to improve the organic search visibility for the corporate and investor relations portions of the company website while reducing the site’s relatively high bounce rate and expanding the number and variety of investor-related search keywords generating website traffic. Both our paid social media and Google search marketing campaigns exceeded industry performance benchmarks and drove significant referral traffic relative to baseline web analytics, providing enhanced brand visibility.

Orion Engineered Carbons


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