Employee Engagement

Aligning internal stakeholders during transformational change

In the best of times, well-framed employee communications are vital to ensuring that internal and external messages are properly aligned. Consistency of message is never more critical than when an organization is managing difficult issues or navigating a major realignment.

A seasoned hand and well-tuned ear are essential during major inflection points such as corporate reorganizations, downsizings, asset sales and purchases, acquisitions or major employment issues. Our goal is to develop and deploy internal communication strategies that align employee attitudes and perceptions with the company’s business objectives.

Tactics may include newsletters, virtual or in-person employee meetings, when circumstances allow, as well as news releases and deftly executed media relations campaigns. RooneyPartners helps craft and position key internal messages with the right tone and the proper touch. Our singular objective: to broadcast management’s vision and values to employees and other stakeholders in a credible, consistent and compelling way.

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