Crisis and Reputation

Safeguarding and strengthening reputation capital

Timely and effective crisis communications are essential to preserving the public trust and shaping perceptions. When unforeseen events threaten to disrupt business operations or tarnish corporate reputation, RooneyPartners provides crisis and issues management communications services, helping clients navigate such unforeseen and sensitive circumstances.

Preparedness is always preferable. When time permits, a key component of our crisis and issues management strategy is executing vulnerability audits, gaming out potential scenarios and devising detailed crisis contingency planning and training.

In cases where circumstances preempt such planning, we are prepared to counsel clients in the moment of need — for example, when activist investors agitate for unwelcome change, a lawsuit erupts, governments implement punishing regulatory actions, ratings agencies deliver a downgrade, financial performance falters, management unexpectedly changes or a key product is recalled.

Our crisis communications and issues management professionals specialize in regaining control of the communications agenda, reframing the narrative and working deftly and expeditiously to mitigate the threat of sustained reputational risk.

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