Embracing The Power of Learning: A Personal Journey

Embracing The Power of Learning: A Personal Journey

Embracing The Power of Learning: A Personal Journey 2560 1707 RooneyPartners

By Yusuf Karakaya

My passion for learning began at a young age. I was around 11 years old when I received my first computer, and I instantly fell in love with it. I dreamt about the endless possibilities it offered–from simple tasks like changing backgrounds and playing video games, to helping my family navigate the computer and teaching them how to open email accounts. I was absolutely hooked. 

My journey in computer science started at a community college in Istanbul. Over the course of two years, I learned various programming languages like PHP and JavaScript, as well as database management. I soon realized that learning would be a continuous process. There would be no end to it.   

After working for a couple of years in Istanbul, I decided to pursue opportunities in the United States. This meant starting anew, adapting to a different language, cultures, and working with more diverse environments and people. Taking on this challenge felt empowering (and adventurous).  

During my early years living in New York City, I learned of RooneyPartners. The firm was looking for a junior web developer and was growing its website development services.  

Now, four years into my professional journey at RooneyPartners, I am a senior associate, working on a wider range of projects with clients, whose industries run the gamut. Every client is a thrill–and opportunity–for me to learn. I get to contribute to their success and learn new skills. And I really enjoy this experience along the way. 

Learning has always been an integral part of my life. I remember the initial days when learning a new programming language felt like an uphill battle. However, I firmly believe that in order to succeed, one must dream big, stay curious, and persevere towards your goals.  

And while I am not the curious 11-year-old anymore who experimented on his new PC, my quest for knowledge is alive and well! I stay on top of cutting-edge technologies relevant to my work, and have started exploring diverse disciplines such as martial arts.  

Before a fight

After a fight

With every new learning experience, I have come to understand that it requires courage to step outside one’s comfort zones and embrace the unknown. But in doing so, doors of opportunity swing open. 

The power of learning is not just about gaining new skills: It’s about personal growth, understanding different perspectives, and evolving into a better version of ourselves. Each learning journey–whether big or small–contributes to shaping who we are and the impact we can make in the world.

Yusuf Karakaya is a Senior Associate at RooneyPartners. At the firm, he executes website development and search engine optimization and search marketing for a wide range of clients. Google Ads certified, Yusuf holds an associate’s degree in computer programming at Beykent University.

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