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Digital intelligence to inform media and marketing strategies

Insights drive action. Objectives drive metrics. But realizing the full potential of your marketing, communications, and media campaigns requires a proven analytics-driven framework and a partner who is adept at distilling the signals from the noise.

Our Analytics & Insights capabilities drive a range of outcomes — from informing media and PR campaigns to activating social media to leveraging real-time social, search, and digital campaign intelligence to create awareness, drive consideration, and deliver your conversion and revenue objectives. We draw on a range of proprietary methodologies, your first-party data, and best-in-class third-party analytics tools to deliver insights that matter.

Data is a precious thing and will last longer than the systems themselves.

– Tim Berners-Lee, inventor of the World Wide Web.

Finding patterns in the data.

Everything is measurable, but not everything is meaningful. Our media monitoring and analysis, digital and social intelligence, and campaign reporting capabilities are grounded in frameworks that move beyond vanity metrics to deliver insights for driving your business objectives. Our client promise is to deliver analytics and provide insights in actionable formats, including real-time reporting dashboards for stakeholders and marketing and communications decisionmakers.

Driving insights to inform marcomms strategy

RooneyPartners delivers comprehensive media monitoring, digital and social analytics, market and digital landscape studies, and audience and influencer insights drawing on a range of data sources, analytics tools, and frameworks.

Media Monitoring & Intelligence

We provide comprehensive media monitoring and intelligence services to track brands or key issues, assess coverage, and benchmark and analyze share of voice.

Threat & Opportunity Assessments

We conduct digital landscape assessments, monitor for embryonic threats to reputation and brand health, and support media, content, and digital activations with instructive insights.

Audience & Influencer Analytics

We use an audience-driven approach to identify people and organizations with influence, then apply the insights to design media relations, influencer, and digital campaigns.

Competitive Analysis

We conduct 360 degree competitive audits to assess the drivers of brand visibility and engagement — and identify the white space where opportunities can be created.

Insight-Driven Activations

We gather and interpret the relevant data to ensure social and digital activations are grounded in a thorough understanding of audience and competitive dynamics.

Campaign Analytics

We actively monitor campaigns on a real-time basis, leveraging performance data to drive insights, optimize campaigns, and deliver client objectives.

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