Lead Ahead Campaign

A global marketing campaign for GARP’s Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR®) Certificate

Climate change affects nearly every aspect of our lives, and the risks transcend industry verticals and traditional corporate silos. More than ever, the risk management discipline must integrate corporate responsibility, sustainability and strategic business planning to manage and mitigate climate change issues.

To help prepare professionals to meet this challenge, the Global Association of Risk Professionals (GARP) launched the Sustainability and Climate Risk (SCR) Certificate in January 2020 and engaged RooneyPartners to promote the new offering. We generated high-impact press coverage to drive visibility for the launch and executed a digital marketing campaign to build brand awareness and nurture registrations.

Our media campaign positioned GARP executives as climate risk thought leaders, resulting in multiple high-visibility outcomes in print and broadcast. Our digital campaign messaging was designed to appeal directly to the emotions of prospective candidates by enlisting them to be pioneers and change agents who are part of a larger movement to drive innovative climate risk management solutions. We wanted to inspire these individuals to transform their career into a calling by “leading ahead,” a message that helped define the SCR program and accelerate registrations.

2021 Global Association of Risk Professionals


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