Make Space for Possibilities

A campaign that forged connections with architects, designers, general contracts and top executives — even as COVID-19 turned the workplace upside down.

DIRTT, a North America-based modular construction company, engaged RooneyPartners to build a thoughtful digital campaign to reach architects and designers, general contractors, and top corporate executives to begin meaningful conversations about how the company’s innovative building process could provide people-first environments in the post-COVID office.

RooneyPartners conceived of a unifying tagline, created a unique visual identity outside of DIRTT’s corporate guidelines, designed a multi-page microsite to drive traffic and capture leads, and launched smart activations across search and social media that leveraged a variety of assets, including an original brand video. The marketing journey guided audiences through three distinct touchpoints: awareness, engagement, and conversion.

While leads via conversions were the ultimate goal, the multiple stages of the campaign yielded myriad benefits such as increased brand awareness and affinity, interactions ranging from post-sharing to new social media follows, traffic to the campaign microsite, and the creation of valuable custom audiences for retargeting in future campaigns.

DIRTT Environmental Solutions


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Web Development
Video Production

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