Brand Identity Development

Crafting a corporate name and visual identity to reinforce a shift in business strategy.

Pacific Ethanol has been producing industrial, chemical and beverage-grade alcohol for more than 100 years. In 2021, the company engaged RooneyPartners to rename and rebrand the company to better communicate its value proposition as it began transitioning to more stable, higher margin businesses in specialty alcohols for the food, beverage, health, and ingredient markets.

Today, the company is known as Alto Ingredients. The new corporate name and visual identity reflect strength, confidence and authenticity. The branding also conveys the unlimited potential of a high-quality, ingredient-driven brand that touches people’s everyday lives by enhancing vital finished products ranging from pet food to household cleaners and mouthwash.

We reimagined the brand entirely, created a new name, designed a new logo, curated color palette and visual direction.

Alto Ingredients, Inc


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