Medical Communications

Communicate. Educate. Engage.

We employ the scientific rigor of medical communications
with the creativity of a dynamic public relations firm

Leveraging RooneyPartners’ award-winning communications legacy, along with a team of seasoned healthcare marketers, our medical communications group has strategic storytelling in its DNA and strives to educate the medical community and make a difference in patient’s lives.

We are a boutique medical communications agency with a proven track record of success in creating tactics such as scientific platform development, multichannel educational programming, advisory board management, congress & symposia activities, value proposition development and creative marketing.

Our Process

Our unique “5-D” methodology helps our clients translate complicated scientific data into clear and compelling narratives for their targets, while ensuring we achieve a highly positive ROI for each of our programs.


We partake in qualitative and quantitative research to uncover unmet needs in treatment paradigms and therapies


We co-create programs with our clients as an extension of their brand teams and take on a “measure-twice, cut-once” approach


We develop customized strategies to best communicate your story using a combination of adult-learning principles and modern technology


We deliver actionable insights to our clients and create best in class creative and interactive programming


We painstakingly track and measure all programming in order to optimize and achieve the highest ROI for our clients


  • Scientific Platform Development
  • Value Proposition Creation
  • Commercialization Strategy and Lifecycle Management

  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Congress Planning and Management
  • Advisory Board Management

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